Zhu Liwei, a member of the bej48 women’s group, was fired and secretly photographed his roommate’s bath and sent it to his boyfriend

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Bej48 is the official sister group of snh48, gnz48 and ckg48. It is the women’s group of Siba media. The group was established in 2016. Although it has been established for 6 years, its development has not made any progress. However, Zhu Liwei, a member of the group, has been on the hot search recently. Zhu Liwei, a member of the bej48 women’s group, was dismissed because he secretly photographed his roommate’s bath and even sent it to his boyfriend to watch. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Zhu Liwei, member of bej48 women’s League, was dismissed

According to the current wechat screenshots and various leaked information, under the guidance of her boyfriend, Zhu Liwei secretly took a video of her roommate (other members of bej48) taking a bath and even sent the video to her boyfriend for viewing. As a result, after reading it, her boyfriend sent a message to harass the photographed. It was not until this time that Zhu Liwei’s candid shooting was exposed. Zhu Liwei also admitted his candid shooting behavior to his roommate, but he threw the pot to his boyfriend, saying that he was threatened by his boyfriend.

Zhu Liwei also posted screenshots of his chat with his boyfriend. His boyfriend asked Zhu Liwei to find the video of the person who was secretly photographed, and asked Zhu Liwei to delete the conversation between the two people. In this way, there is no proof of death. The current situation is that Zhu Liwei admitted the fact that he secretly photographed, but his boyfriend threatened to dump the pot. However, Zhu Liwei’s boyfriend firmly denied that it was Zhu Liwei who took the initiative to shoot and share it with him.

Zhu Liwei secretly photographed his roommate taking a shower and sent it to his boyfriend

Zhu Liwei’s family also came out shouting that they would warn Zhu Liwei’s boyfriend. Many netizens are accusing this. Whether it is Zhu Liwei or his boyfriend, their behavior is very abominable and has been illegal. There are so many members of bej48. Every time they go out to work and live together, it is estimated that many of them have lived in the same room with Zhu Liwei. I don’t know how many of them have been secretly photographed by Zhu Liwei. This is too horrible. Zhu Liwei has also been expelled from Siba media because of this incident and is no longer a member of bej48.

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