Zhu Yawen’s new play Guangzhou thirteen elements provokes controversy, but the male owner sells opium and becomes a national hero

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Zhu Yawen seems to have a bad time this year. There were two dramas (Guangzhou thirteen elements and life as if they were first met) to meet you. As a result, something happened to both of them, and Zhu Yawen himself was also implicated. Zhu Yawen’s new play Guangzhou thirteen elements provoked controversy. The hero played by Zhu Yawen, who was clearly a drug dealer selling opium, turned out to be a national hero in the play. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Zhu Yawen’s new play Guangzhou thirteen elements provokes controversy

The TV series Guangzhou thirteen elements, starring Zhu Yawen, was spurned by netizens before it was broadcast, saying that there was a problem with the political position of the play and that it even wanted to whitewash a national scum into a national hero. It is reported that Zhu Yawen plays Wu dunyuan, a real character in history. Wu dunyuan, a native of Nanhai, Guangdong Province in the late Qing Dynasty, made a fortune by selling opium, and also made a lot of bribes and colluded with foreign businessmen. It was the target of Lin Zexu’s crackdown when he banned smoking in Guangdong.

Wu dunyuan, a national scum, was called a national hero in the TV series Guangzhou thirteen elements, and became a representative of the Chinese national spirit in the collision between Chinese and Western Mandarin. Netizens naturally resist such stories. Netizens roast said that the play of Guangzhou thirteen elements was not a script written by Wu dunyuan’s descendants, and then invested in shooting it, in order to whitewash their ancestors.

Zhu Yawen’s new play wants to wash away the scum of the white nation

Zhu Yawen was also denounced by netizens because of Guangzhou thirteen elements. Many netizens said that when Zhu Yawen’s team took over the play for him, wouldn’t they check the information? After all, it’s a real historical character. If you still want to play after checking, the majority of netizens won’t dare to compliment Zhu Yawen’s team’s three outlooks. A play like Guangzhou thirteen elements, which confuses right and wrong and tries to whitewash the scum of the nation, must not be broadcast.

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