Zhu Zhengting’s recall of the masked dance king led everyone to make a supplementary recording to 4 o’clock

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As a member of the seven sons of Lehua, Lehua entertainment still holds Zhu Zhengting in high esteem and has given him a lot of variety resources, such as the recent dance show masked dance king. Some netizens broke the news that Zhu Zhengting’s masked dance king was dismissed. As a result, all the staff members who finally killed him had to make a supplementary recording to 4 o’clock. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Zhuzhengting’s recall of the masked dance king

Masked dance king is an artist who will PK each other. Zhu Zhengting and Lu Ke ran were defeated by each other after PK in a recording program. After seeing the news of his defeat, Zhu Zhengting directly quit, questioned the result of his defeat by Luk Keran, and asked the program team to sing again. Even Zhu Zhengting was directly on the stage, and diss played lukeyan, which made lukeyan very embarrassed.

You should know that there are many spectators on the scene besides the stars of the game, the guests who comment, the staff, and the host. Many audience members were also disgusted by Zhu Zhengting’s behavior. So when Zhu Zhengting stopped recording on the stage and asked to sing again, many audience booed and booed. Zhu Zhengting made a scene for a long time, which also led to the postponement of the recording of the program. Finally, all the staff accompanied Zhu Zhengting to complete the supplementary recording until 4 a.m.

Everyone was recorded until 4:00 due to Zhu Zhengting

This matter was also exposed by the audience at the scene, and Zhu Zhengting’s fans also knew this matter. Lu Keran’s fans are naturally idols who love their family. They feel that Lu Keran has really fallen into bad luck when he meets an opponent like Zhu Zhengting. Zhu Zhengting’s fans even left messages under the official wechat of Lehua entertainment to let them review the broadcast of this program. It seems that Zhu Zhengting’s fans also feel that Zhu Zhengting has done wrong. If they know that Zhu Zhengting’s behaviors have been broadcast, they will be scolded or even exposed online.

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