Zhugeliang’s goose feather feather fan was presented by huangyueying, the “ugly wife”?

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The feather fan that Zhugeliang is shaking is known to all. However, few people know where the feather fan came from.

Zhugeliang was an outstanding statesman, militarist, strategist and diplomat in Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period. He is a well-known historical figure known to all women and children. He has always been a God in the hearts of the people with the image of loyalty and wisdom.

Zhugeliang (181&\8212; 234), with the word Kongming and the number Wolong. Zhugeliang was born in 181, the fourth year of emperor Guanghe of Han Ling, in an official’s home in Yangdu County, Langxie county (now Yinan County, Shandong Province). Zhugeliang is a well-known family of Langxie. Zhugefeng, the ancestor, was a senior officer of Sili in the Western Han Dynasty. Zhugeliang’s father Zhugeliang, with the word “Jun Gong”, was a magistrate of Taishan County in the late Eastern Han Dynasty.

Zhugeliang shakes his feather fan with a series of elegant and ingenious tricks, which can be said that everyone knows. But where the feather fan came from, few people know it.

Zhugeliang followed his uncle to Xiangyang, where he lived in a thatched cottage and worked hard. The lonely Zhugeliang traveled to Xiangyang, made friends, met his teachers, and learned a lot. Zhugeliang accidentally heard that there was a talented woman huangyueying in huangjiawan, so he wanted to meet and make friends with her. Unexpectedly, huangchengyan, huangyueying’s father, blocked the door. Zhugeliang was tested by huangchengyan, showing his knowledge and talent, but he broke the news that his daughter was very ugly. If Zhugeliang wanted to marry a beautiful daughter-in-law, he would ask for another job. Zhugeliang made up his mind to propose to him again. Huangyueying put forward a series of problems that baffled Zhugeliang. In order to marry the talented girl huangyueying, Zhugeliang finally overcame the difficulties set up by the Huang family and his daughter with perseverance, wisdom and the potential of friends, and finally won the heart of beauty.

In fact, Huang Yueying is not only knowledgeable, but also not ugly. It is said that Zhugeliang invented Mu Niu Liu Ma from the skills taught by Huang Yueying. It is said that some of the specialties in Jingzhou were also made or invented by huangyueying. There are many moving legends about Zhugeliang and huangyueying in Xiangfan.

Zhugeliang’s goose feather fan represents wisdom and talent, so in Zhugeliang’s operas, Kongming always holds a goose feather fan in his hand. About the goose feather fan, there is a popular story that huangchengyan’s daughter huangyueying is not ugly, but a very smart, beautiful and talented girl. Huangchengyan was afraid that promising young people would not know Jingshan jade, so he called Qianjin “ah Chou”. Ah Chou Huang Yueying not only writes voluminous works, but also excels in martial arts. She once studied with a famous teacher. When Yicheng came down the mountain, the master gave her a goose feather fan with the words “Ming” and “Liang” written on it. In the two words, there are also many strategies for attacking cities and land, governing the country and stabilizing the country. And told her that the one with the word “Liang Liang” in her name was your ideal husband. Later, Huang Chengyan’s son-in-law was Zhugeliang, the future Prime Minister of Shu, who was waiting for the time and knew that one-third of the world had “Ming” and “Liang” in his name before leaving Longzhong. When she got married, Huang Yueying gave Zhugeliang a goose feather fan as a gift. Huangyueying asked Zhugeliang, “Mr. Zhuge, do you know the purpose of sending you the feather fan?” Zhugeliang said, “etiquette is more important than friendship.” Ah Chou said, “do you know there is another one?” Zhugeliang was puzzled. Ah Chou said, “Mr. Zhuge, you just talked to my father about the world’s major events. When you talked about your big plans, you looked very proud and beaming. However, I found that when you talked about Cao Cao and Sun Quan, your eyebrows were deep and worried. The fan I gave you was used to cover your face.” The smart ah Chou girl knew that a man should be calm in his work. He should not be emotional, emotional, or let others find out. He should be despised and despised, so that he could not achieve great things.

After Zhugeliang married ah Chou, Kongming loved the goose feather fan like the apple of his eye and was inseparable. Whether it’s going out of the Qi Mountain six times, or borrowing an arrow from a straw boat, or planning an empty city… When he lives or dies, he always gently shakes the feather fan. The waves are not rising, and he is confident that he will win. Zhugeliang made outstanding contributions, and ah Chou made outstanding contributions.

In doing so, he not only expressed the sincere and unswerving love between their husband and wife, but also skillfully used the strategies on the fan. So no matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter, I always keep my hands on the fan. During the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty, zhaohongen, an envoy of Xiangyang observation, wrote in Zhuge Caolu poem: “the fan shakes the tripod against the moon in three points, and the stone is dark and cloudy in eight arrays”, which is enough to prove the function of Zhugeliang holding the goose feather fan and the reason why he can’t leave the fan.

In February of the 12th year of Jianxing (234), Zhugeliang died of illness in wuzhangyuan (now the south of Qishan, Shaanxi) on his way to the northern expedition. He was loyal to Marquis Wu.

Zhugeliang completed his studies, making friends and marriage in Longzhong, honed his talents, achieved amazing strategies and unparalleled wisdom. Liu Bei went to the moulu three times and Zhugeliang published Longzhong Dui, which has been handed down for thousands of years. He resolutely went out of the mountain and wrote earth shaking legends.

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