Zhugeliang’s “seven arrests of Meng Huo” or misinformation should be “seven requests of Meng Huo”

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Drawing Zhugeliang’s “seven capture Meng Huo”

On May 7, nearly 100 experts and scholars from 11 provinces including Shandong, Zhejiang, Henan and Hebei gathered in Chengdu to participate in the national Three Kingdoms Cultural Heritage investigation and Zhugeliang’s southern expedition seminar hosted by Chengdu Wuhou Temple Museum and Chengdu ZhuGeliang Research Association.

According to the records in the annals of the Three Kingdoms and the annals of Huayang, in 225 ad, Zhugeliang led his army to the South and put down the rebellion in the south. However, due to the unknown historical records, there are many mysteries in the history of Zhugeliang’s expedition to the south. In order to clarify the relevant historical mysteries, since 2011, the Wuhou Temple Museum has cooperated with the Liangshan museum to follow the road of Zhugeliang’s southern expedition. The expert group took three years to travel along the “Sichuan Yunnan line”, “Liangshan line” and “Guizhou Yunnan line” in accordance with the march route of Zhugeliang’s three armies in those years. It traveled 40000 miles to investigate the cultural relics and legends of the three kingdoms along the way. “We have taken thousands of pictures, found many relics of the Three Kingdoms and collected a lot of legend materials.” Luokaiyu, a researcher of Chengdu Wuhou Temple Museum, said in an academic report at the meeting that in sorting out the legends, the investigation team made many interesting discoveries.

After the interpretation of the romance of the Three Kingdoms, the story of Zhugeliang’s “seven arrests of Meng Huo” has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. However, the delegation found that the real history may be Meng Huo, the “seven requests”. During the investigation along the way, the investigation team found that there were not only many legends of Meng Huo, but also many temples commemorating Meng Huo, villages and counties in his name. “Local scholars believe that Meng Huo, the ‘seven escapes and seven escapes’ in the romance of the Three Kingdoms, is a misinformation. The sound of’ please ‘is similar to that of’ capture ‘. According to Zhugeliang’s policy of’ attacking the heart ‘it should be’ seven requests’.” Luokaiyu told the reporter that local scholars believed that Zhugeliang’s expedition to the South was to ensure long-term stability and unity in the rear. As an ally, he invited Meng Huo to discuss the grand plan of rejuvenating the country on an equal footing, which was also in line with Zhugeliang’s concept of “heart attack” and national harmony.

In addition, Zhugeliang’s influence in nanzhong region (now southwest Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou) also surprised the delegation. Confucius and Guan Yu are influential figures in Chinese communities all over the world. However, in the process of returning to the southern expedition, the delegation found that Zhugeliang’s influence far exceeded that of these two people in nanzhong area, forming a subculture phenomenon different from other Chinese areas.

The surprise of the new discovery is accompanied by the urgency of the disappearance of the old relics. Xiehui, curator of Wuhou Temple Museum, said that due to many reasons, such as disrepair and urban construction, many relics along the way are facing the situation of disappearance. In order to better discover and protect the cultural relics of the Three Kingdoms, after the seminar, Chengdu Wuhou shrine museum will cooperate with relevant national museums and cultural administration offices to carry out a national survey of the cultural heritage of the Three Kingdoms, investigate the cultural relics of the Three Kingdoms, and collect legend materials along the way. It is understood that the survey is expected to last for 5 years and will be divided into five lines: the north line, the northeast line, the east line, the south line and other areas. The investigation results will be presented in the form of atlas, database, exhibition and documentary.

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