Zhuo Wei’s comeback failed, and his account was blocked after only one day

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Recently, the Taiwanese paparazzi Ge Siqi is very active. As the first paparazzi in the mainland, Zhuo Wei seems to be greedy for the popularity of his former colleagues. He even opened an account on Tiktok to announce his return. Zhuo Wei’s comeback failed. Zhuo Wei’s account was directly blocked after only one day of opening. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Zhuo Wei’s comeback failed

Gussie was broadcast live on Kwai, attracting countless gourd eaters. Zhuo Wei chose to return through Tiktok. After opening his account, Zhuo Wei also recorded two videos. In the video, Zhuo Wei said that this account was his only good account in the whole network. Moreover, Zhuo Wei specially wrote a poem to commemorate his opening. The traffic of Zhuowei is also very high. The account has only been opened for one day, and the number of people who pay attention to it is as high as 136000. Sure enough, netizens are very enthusiastic about gossip.

Many netizens are looking forward to seeing Zhuo Wei live broadcast, and then breaking the news like GE Siqi. Netizens also firmly believe that Zhuo Wei’s melon is more wonderful. Unexpectedly, Zhuowei’s account was blocked after only one day of opening, which really made the melon eaters feel bad. Because of the backwater of the Qinglang action, the internal entertainment thought that Zhuo Wei’s comeback could stir up a lot of waves. As a result, everyone was happy.

Zhuowei’s account was blocked

Many netizens are also curious about the reason why Zhuo Wei failed to resurface and his account was blocked. Many netizens think that it is because Zhuo Wei has a lot of strong materials, and the stars he shot with in his early years are all big stars. Now they are all old in the entertainment industry. These people will certainly join hands to fight Zhuo Wei and not let Zhuo Wei return, so as not to let Zhuo Wei explode their materials. However, many netizens speculate that it may be because the entertainment industry is engaged in the Qinglang action, and the atmosphere of the entertainment industry should be diluted. Zhuo Wei’s comeback itself is not in line with the Qinglang action.

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