Zhuzhengting warns illegitimate students that their families are harassed and can’t sleep

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Many netizens hate illegitimate meals very much. For stars, they hate illegitimate meals even more. Many stars have sent disps for illegitimate meals. Zhuzhengting warns illegitimate students that his family has been harassed by illegitimate students and can’t sleep. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Zhuzhengting warns illegitimate students

Recently, zhuzhengting suddenly posted a document on his social platform, angrily denouncing his illegitimate behavior, saying that he really can’t bear it. These illegitimate students not only harass Zhu Zhengting himself, but also harass Zhu Zhengting’s family members. They often send various harassment messages to Zhu Zhengting’s family members, resulting in their families having no way to rest normally. Zhuzhengting also said that he had personally asked a lawyer to collect evidence and warned him not to catch illegitimate meals.

These illegitimate students think they love stars most, so they also like all kinds of interference stars. Zhuzhengting was constantly sent messages by illegitimate students, asking Zhu Zhengting to respond to some rumors on the Internet. Stars face all kinds of rumors every day. If everything has to be answered, it is estimated that stars and team members are too busy.

Zhuzhengting’s family is harassed by illegitimate students

Moreover, Zhu Zhengting had already asked his own work team about the issue of illegitimate students. Zhu Zhengting thought that such false rumors would not be believed, so he was too lazy to make a statement. Unexpectedly, these illegitimate students have been harassing zhuzhengting and his family, asking Zhu Zhengting to come out and give a response. This kind of illegitimate behavior is really terrible. Obviously, he is a Star chaser, but he wants to surpass the star and let the star obey his own arrangement. It is also hoped that Zhu Zhengting will take up legal weapons to severely punish illegitimate students this time and make an example to others to avoid more illegitimate students harassing him and his family.

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